Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Word About Playlists

Now that we're on a semi-roll, as they say in Carradale, I'd better say a few words about playlists.

Firstly, I've had a few enquiries about the "walk-in" music played before, during and after the gigs, so I've decided to post the tracks and artistes names on the Blog for reference. Most of the music can be found on-line by sticking the names in the search engine of your favourite on-line music store but if something is proving elusive, give us a shout and hopefully we can help you find it.

So, here's the first playlist from the Alan Murphy/Chris Adams & George Tucker gigs.....

......and here's the one from the Steve Daggett night:

Also, just to finish this off for now we have another playlist in The Ardshiel which features music by artistes who are due to play at Ceol. The idea behind this playlist is to provide a gentle reminder of or even an introduction to the artistes' work. A copy of this playlist is kept behind the bar so if anything happens to catch your ear while you are indulging in quiet drink or even when you are at your dinner, please don't be shy about asking to see it. I shall post the Ardshiel playlists on the Blog as time allows........

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