Thursday, 24 October 2013

Walk in Playlist - Elliott Morris (3/10/2013)

Better late than never, here's the Walk in Playlist for the Elliott Morris gig - a fine chance for you to jog your memory or find out what that song was that has been nagging away at you for the last three weeks!

Rab Noakes Playlist in The Ardshiel Hotel

We currently have a Rab Noakes playlist on rotation in the bar/restaurant of the Ardshiel. If you are curious to hear the man's music, we suggest you head down there, grab a comfy seat and a drink then give your ears a treat. If Rab isn't on the speakers, just ask our friendly bar staff and they will sort that out for you. In the meantime, here's the playlist for your private perusal:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Aye, The Nights Are Fair Drawin' In.......

So that's October nearly done in.

No idea where it went to but this blog certainly got neglected....

Swiftly recapping, we had our first Thursday gig with Elliott Morris on 3rd October and it was a cracker!

Can't praise this guy highly enough - his guitar technique is jaw dropping, his own songs are excellent and his choice of covers is eclectic to say the least.  There aren't many people who would dare to mix up traditional ballads with material from Michael Hedges, John Martyn, Michael Jackson and perhaps most surprising of all, Basshunter!  All in all, Elliott made a lot of new friends in Campbeltown and we look forward to welcoming him back next year some time. In the meantime, his new E.P. Shadows and Whispers is officially released on 1st November via iTunes or on hard copy at gigs. We've all had a sneaky listen and it's well worth checking out!

Elliott meets Donkey and some of the chums

Next up we are looking forward to the visit of Rab Noakes on Saturday 26th October. Details of the gig can be found here but suffice to say, as well as being the sharpest dresser we've had at Ceol so far, Rab also comes with an exemplary catalogue of old and new songs of his own plus a very clever line in covers which work totally outside the constraints of the original arrangements. In musical terms, he's got preciously close to reinventing the wheel on more than one occasion!  Also, we like our guests to be able to tell a good story at Ceol and Rab Noakes certainly does that! From tales of the road to the history of western popular music, he's the man!

Rab Noakes- Ceol bound and rarin' to go......

Our November guest is Jane Blue who is the singer/songwriter/face of Jane Blue and the Hunters, a Dutch collective of musicians, film-makers and artists who have made a number of award-winning, atmospheric videos including White Swan.  Some of their more recent films, such as The Pagan and Evening Disease, were shot on location in North Kintyre and indeed the opening shots of the former may well be familiar to some of our readers.  Earlier in the year, Jane Blue and the Hunters released their first album, The North, to great acclaim. You can have a listen here

This will be a solo, acoustic show and will be a great opportunity to see how Jane's songs work in a stripped back format. Jane Blue plays Ceol on Saturday 16th November at 8pm. Tickets are £6 and will be available at the Rab Noakes gig for purchase and thereafter from the Ardshiel Hotel or on-line at (10% handling charge payable for on-line purchases).

Jane Blue in repose

Starting to lag behind with playlists but will get to it and catch up soon!